Formulation Products

We have a cGMP compliant R&D facility for formulation manufacturing, testing and development. We also have the competency to develop formulations along with requisite BA/BE studies, regulatory services and filing of the ANDAs. We also contract manufacture the developed formulations for US and ROW markets. Our present reach of marketing formulations spreads across Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa and various other countries through partnerships. We have already achieved 12% market share in a majority of the launched products and more than 35% to 50% market share in other niche products. The generic formulations manufactured by Indian manufacturers are marketed by THINQ/RISING under exclusive marketing agreements in the US market. Currently we have more than a dozen prescription products being sold under our label in the U.S. market and more than 30 products are under development.

With extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical ingredients over the past 3 decades we have acquired the ability to develop complex chemistry. In the past, we have had Mr. Robert Grubbs, a renowned Nobel Laureate, on our Technical Board.

We have worked with major MNCs, including Japanese companies developing CRAMs and intermediates with complicated technology.