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We believe being healthy is not just a goal, but a way of living. Our continual efforts on our research platform is inspired by the need to empower people to lead a better life.

Product development is an amalgamation of science, research and passion. Having perfected the art of seamless integration of traditional medicine with modern scientific research, in 2016, we embarked on a journey to provide a bouquet of top-notch and affordable wellness and lifestyle solutions.

With a robust range of products, we want to provide wellness for everyone and address a wide gamut of health issues right from managing health, preventive healthcare as well as enhancing lifestyle.

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Brand Thinq

THINQ represents the creative amalgamation of Technology, Health, Innovation, Novelty and Quest. Technology that is upbeat and in tune with times; Health which needs constant care and improvement; Innovation that combines intelligence, passion and sustainability; Novelty so we may breakthrough areas not entered earlier and the Quest to improve the quality of life.

At THINQ Pharma we believe being healthy is not just a goal, but a way of living. Our continual efforts on our research platform is inspired by the need to empower people to lead a better life.

THINQ NEAT, the anti hangover shot is one such natural product from the Thinq Wellness range. A complete natural formulation made from an effective choice of well researched and tested ingredients, NEAT helps combat the effects of a hangover.

THINQ Pharma supports responsible drinking but also protects consumers from the after effects of consuming alcohol, which is the hangover.

Thinq Zingaa, the super energy boost drink.

Replenishes electrolytes lost during strenuous activities

Revitalizes body cells

Fortified with sodium,potassium, magnesium and chlorides which help maintain the electrolyte balance

Contains Vitamin C, B3, B12 and folic acid

Contains taurine- an essential amino acid required for building block of protein, improves performance during exercise.

Caffeine free

Available in 2 flavours - Guava and Pineapple

Thinq honey is raw and completely unprocessed, along with being organic and natural. And what’s more, our honey is ‘limited addition’.

Thinq raw honey, is harvested only during the 3 months of winter, November to January, when the Niger blossoms are in full bloom. Harvested from 250 to 300 boxes during the season, each box provides around 10 kgs of pure raw honey. Our honey is thicker than any other honey in the market.

When you buy Thinq raw honey, you actually invest in health. Additionally, with each bottle you buy, you contribute to the sustenance of a tribal community working hard towards self reliance. It’s a wonderful way to do your bit towards social responsibility.

An innovative, proprietary & patent pending product of THINQ Pharma CRO Pvt Ltd which reduces dialysis burden and enhances QoL (Quality of Life) in CRF (Chronic Renal Failure)

The active molecule Renochlor is Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin. During the synthesis of chlorophyllin, the magnesium atom at the centre of the ring is replaced with copper and the phytol tail is lost. Unlike natural chlorophyll, chlorophyllin is water-soluble. The formulation is not poly-herbal and contains sorbitol and glycerine as adjuvants for better drug delivery.

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